Enzo Knol and Dee van der Zeeuw disconnect for second time relationship

Vlogger Enzo Knol and his girlfriend Demira ‘Dee’ van der Zeeuw have decided to put an end to their relationship. The two vloggers were five years together.

“We have a lot of great things happened, but in this hectic life, make you lesser things”, wrote the 25-year-old Tuber on Instagram.

“We are last year, two months apart, and then re-tried, but it is no longer in love, but love. Therefore, we choose both of them now have a path that we are going to walk in it.”

Also ask the vloggers to the respect of their privacy. “I will no more return to, also not in the vlogs. I understand that there are a lot of questions are going to come, but hopefully you understand that this news bring out is already difficult enough as it is. Thank you for your support”

The 20-year-old Van der Zeeuw to ditch her post in a different way. “Thank you for all the sweet messages, the motivation and all the other things that you have served. You have a special place in my heart.”

Knol daily videos on YouTube in which he shows what everyday things preoccupy him. His channel has nearly 1.9 million subscribers.


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