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Crypto Mining: Nvidia stays on its Hardware to sit

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Good times for all buyers of graphics cards, bad for the manufacturer: The prices for graphics cards, the demand is in the basement. One of the leading supplier from Taiwan sent back 300,000 Chips to Nvidia. This one was not able to install due to the Sales drops. Apparently, Nvidia has both the demand of gamers as well as people overestimated, the use of the GPUs for crypto Mining. In the past few years could leave the Management to constantly rising prices, but that is now history.

At the beginning of June was the CEO of Nvidia at Computex the astonished listeners known that the company “for a long time” no new graphic cards manufacture. The last graphics cards came the GeForce 10-series about two years ago on the market. The announcement of Jen-Hsun Huang came as a surprise. However, according to a report by the technology portal SemiAccurate Nvidia remains currently literally on its Hardware sit. Before a new series can be produced, you must first sell the old Hardware and made money.

Apparently it has a rating for the current year both the Gaming as well as the crypto market is positive. The management of Nvidia approved recently, according to SemiAccurate, the return of 300,000 Chips from one of the three leading hardware manufacturers in Taiwan. This step, according to industry observers, is very remarkable because the company usually takes into consideration the manufacturer of your components. If you have agreed to the withdrawal of so many new Chips, and speak a language of its own.

Tough times for Nvidia: 300,000 Chips stored, lecture cancelled

In addition, Nvidia has taken a submitted lecture on their upcoming graphic card Generation from the program. The trade fair “Hot Chips 30” is, therefore, without an announcement from the company do. The reason for the fall in Sales to the Mining specialized Hardware, which makes the graphics cards great competition. Meanwhile, it is hoped that the need could possibly tighten again in the late summer of this year, when the exhibition “Asian Games 2018”. Whether Nvidia is for new announcements ready, will depend to solve in the first line of the meantime of the sale. Is only: The time for a new GPU series would be after two years, more than ripe. The competition is not sleeping.

Most likely, you will focus in future increasingly on the needs of games Fans. Also because Mining is a revenue-trees do not grow long in the sky. In addition, it is becoming increasingly difficult against the on the Mining specialized and thus more effective Hardware from Bitmain and other manufacturers to enforce. According to its own figures, the proportion of sales for the crypto-market at nearly 10 per cent in the case of Nvidia in the first quarter of this year, the three months of the 289 million U.S. dollars. At a press conference Manager of the company estimated that the share in the second quarter will drastically decrease. It remains difficult to earn in this sector money.

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