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Cardano (ADA) now on eToro available

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Cardano (ADA) has always been a popular crypto-currency, even in constant competition with the many other crypto-currencies, the ask for our money and our attention. Cardano is a decentralized crypto-currency, similar to Ethereum the construction of distributed applications.

Recently, Cardano was listed on eToro, it will be the eleventh crypto-currency on the exchange platform is available. eToro announced this great news on the official Twitter page of the platform.

That ADA is now listed on eToro is also great news for Cardano, as eToro has more than 10 million users. On the platform there are also other major crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEO, Ripple, Bitcoin, Cash, and other digital currencies are traded.

Cardano on eToro – A good development for the coin

eToro was founded by Yoni Assia, Ronen Asia, and David Ring in the year of 2007. The stock exchanges platform introduces himself as “a leading social trading network with millions of registered users and a series of innovative trade and investment instruments”.

eToro is the world as a trusted exchange platform known and is for some time in the Trend. It is a very picky platform to get a listing on such a platform, therefore, is not easy.

The list of Cardano comes at a time recorded in the whole of the market-driven price losses. Bitcoin fell from around $20,000 US dollars is currently about $6,000 to the US Dollar and moved in this process, most of the crypto currencies. Despite the difficult mood of the market ADA’s is seeking Team-but the confidence of the investors.

At the time of the publication of the ADA in the year 2017, the price of the currency was at $0.03 U.S. dollars, increased during the crypto-boom, last December to a new all-time high of $1.32 to the US Dollar and fell since then. Currently, the currency is at $0.13 US dollars.

eToro has announced that Cardano (ADA) has a great future in front of you, this was one of the main reasons for the inclusion of currency on the stock exchange. The stock exchanges platform, said:

“We see great interest in the new crypto-currencies. Therefore, we are committed to continually ensure that we offer the most popular crypto currencies on our platform.“

Cardano’s price not impressed

Thanks to the current price decline in the crypto market, the price of the currency showed no real positive developments. You could almost say that the value of this crypto-currency is driving for several months of the roller coaster.

As the main reason for the current poor performance of the crypto-market in the Bithumb is called a Hack.

Nevertheless, the listing will have on eToro undoubtedly have a greater impact on the future of Cardano (ADA). In the meantime, the next Update is likely in the next two weeks, according to Cardano Roadmap.

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