Buddy Vedder is prince in new The Christmas Show

4b8e8b0f114e5cde66d043accf39765a - Buddy Vedder is prince in new The Christmas Show

The fairy tale Cinderella forms the basis of the fourth edition of The Christmas Show during the christmas holidays to show in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Buddy Vedder plays the role of prince, announces RTL Live Entertainment Monday.

Buddy Vedder during the previous The Christmas Show in 2017

Buddy Vedder, known from GTST and the Zapp Kids Top 20, played the role of Prince Noah in the show, Cinderella and the christmas bauble. Carlo Boszhard takes the role of the Narrator. Carlo and Buddy were the last two editions in other roles in the christmas show to see. As played Buddy last year to the spoiled pop star Justin Scrooge.

“In the past years this event has grown to become the familieshow of the year, in which magic and spectacle come together”, says Boszhard. “The world-famous story of Cinderella lends itself perfectly for The Christmas Show. All scenes play in the christmas spirit with the big Bauble as the absolute highlight.”

The show is on 22 december in the Ziggo Dome. The ticket is immediately started. Who is Cinderella, her evil stepmother and stepsisters are going to play, makes the producer later known.

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