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Bubbletone and Lingualeo announce partnership

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This week, the company announced that it has behind Bubbletone, the Clementvale Ltd., that they will enter into a strategic partnership with Lingualeo. Lingualeo is the market leader in your Segment and operates a platform on which the English language can be learned.

The CEO of Lingualeo, Vladimir Sirotinsky, will join as a consultant to the Team of Bubbletone and should help to integrate the new service – Lingualeo – on the platform. Bubbletone focuses so far on the telecommunications, especially Roaming.

In addition, Bubbletone has developed a Messenger App. Both will be published by the end of February 2018. The extension of the platform to third party Online services like Lingualeo, to bring further added value for the user.

The Bubbletone Blockchain is hosted on the “graphene Platform” and will be able to perform up to 10,000 transactions per second. The project aims to enable mobile operators and users to bypass using Smart Contracts, the Problem of expensive Roaming charges.

The platform should be open for mobile service provider of any size and market share. The tariffs can be published by the mobile service provider within the network independently.

So should it be also smaller mobile operators in the Roaming market, without having to deal with problems on the part of the own network infrastructure, and complex system integrations.

The user can select any of the Tariff and the necessary data to the operator quickly and easily over the Internet, directly on your Smartphone download. This allows users to use the Internet and phone rates of the local provider, without your phone number or your SIM switch card.

Another goal of Bubbletone is, as mentioned above, the provision of “Value-Added Services”, which allows users to access to music to Online storage and other Apps. In this context, the cooperation with the educational software Ligualeo.

The cooperation of Bubbletone and Lingualeo

Lingualeo is a Software to Learn the English language. The company can boast over 17 million users in Russia, Turkey, Brazil, in the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Lingualeos CEO, Vladimir Sirotinsky, believes that Bubbletone can benefit from the cooperation greatly:

We strive to amplify our mobile product with the most advanced technology. The Bubbletone platform allows us to effectively expand our English-learning business to international markets, particularly in Turkey and in Latin America where Lingualeo’s service has already been localized.

Bubble tones is the founder and CEO Yury Morozov welcomed the new cooperation, and believes that both partners can benefit from:

We are pleased to add Lingualeo’s educational packages to our platform and encourage our partner operators to feature them as value-added services. It is a great example of the kind of collaboration that boosts customer loyalty. And it certainly is an amazing way of learning foreign languages. Lingualeo makes it an enjoyable routine that is always at your fingertips.

Bubbletone is currently preparing for the implementation of the ICOs, the on 20. March 2018. Bubbletone is a trademark of Clementvale Ltd and is a member of the Crypto Valley Association, which was founded to be a world-leading Ecosystem of crypto and Blockchain industry.

For more information about Bubbletone on the official website:

To learn more information on the learning platform Lingualeo on

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