’Boris Becker longs now only to rest.”

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At the opening of the Grace Rooftop bar in Berlin’s hotel Zoo was Boris Becker, the radiant centre of animated discussions. His divorce from Lilly seems to be the peace-seeking tennis legend to do well, says Gala. Yet it is not all cake and egg.

Where Boris Becker after his divorce, however, the public appears, he looks relaxed and happy

Where Boris Becker in the last few weeks also appeared, he looked relaxed. And that despite the separation from his wife Lilly Becker, in which he thirteen years together, nine years married. According to sources, it was Boris that the knot for a separation doorhakte.

He did not mind that seems to sit, may have to do with the turbulent lifestyle of Lilly, that has been constantly quarrels caused in their marriage. The 41-year-old model would like to be grand and compelling life. That while the 50-year-old Boris after several heavy challenges in life – major surgery and a bankruptcy – only to one thing desire: to rest.

Stable factor

Then he has more time for an important stable factor in his life: his children. 18-year-old son, Elias, who has shown in London to live, to study, and the 24-year-old Noah, with whom he has a good and regular contact says.

The only thing that now prevents to really like to sit back to back, is the disagreement about his diplomatenstatus. Claimed himself as the status of immunity as an officer of the Central African Republic, the country itself had to know the jurisdiction is not obstructed in any way by the bankruptcy proceedings against Boris Becker. It is, therefore, the question of whether he was at the start of Wimbledon on July 2 where he was triple champion and former winner at home, there is still so relaxed at will.

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