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Bitcoin tests $ 10,000, brand: by the COP?

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After the complete market of crypto-recovery Crash, rose Bitcoin yesterday evening 18 o’clock again for the first time over the 10,000 Dollar mark. Thus, Bitcoin can select a new temporary all-time high for the last 14 days.

This week, the entire market was able to record price gains. The top dog, Bitcoin broke through the $ 10,000 mark and made for a short period of time for a gold-rush mood. Many investors who got in at the beginning of the year in the crypto market, required in the first few months of the year, strong nerves, because the complete market knew, almost 30 days only one direction: sharply downhill.

The market capitalization fell from the once 800 billion dollars for a short time the 300 (06. February 2018) billion Dollar brand, and the Aufschei “The bubble has finally burst” went through the media.

For almost 7 days of calm seems to be returning and the market is recovering in small steps. At the time of writing, the market capitalization is just under 470 billion dollars.

The Bitcoin exchange rate recorded in the last 7 days, an increase of 21 percent. Similarly positive is the viewing of the Top 10 crypto-currencies. Litecoin was able to grow due to the announcement of the launch of the platform Litepay, by more than 45 percentage points.

The figure shows that in the last 7 days have been driven from the cops and the Trend looks thus continue to be positive. Ethereum has also picked up the pace again and from 14-day Low of 06.02.2018 (623,20 USD) recovered targets back to the 1,000 Dollar mark.

The second biggest winner in the Top 10 by market capitalisation Ripple, whose price could rise following the announcement of a number of new partnerships is also strong.

Overall, the omens seem to be positive and the market seems to have calmed down. To gradients, Details of other crypto-currencies and their rates, can be found on our course overview page.

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