Belgian-Turks voted in again, massively, on Erdogan

79af597248ec4107a18607b1f33a916c - Belgian-Turks voted in again, massively, on Erdogan

With more than 80 percent of the votes of Belgian Turks counted, it is already clear how popular Recep Tayyip Erdogan is in our country.

In Turkey, the sitting president Recep Tayyip Erdogan (64) in the presidential elections, won with almost 53 percent of the vote. His major challenger, Muharrem Ince, runs aground on a little more than 30 percent. There is no second round.

That has Erdogan not only to the Turks in their own country to thank. Of the nearly 60 million voting rights of Turks living there as many as 3 million elsewhere in Turkey. Most of them live in Germany (1.4 million), France (340.000) and the Netherlands (260.000). In our country 142.463 voting Turks. Of them went in a total of 42,6 per cent of votes.

They had a clear preference. In total 74,9 percent of their votes to Erdogan. Challenger Ince runs aground at 15 percent, and none of the other candidates gets the new electoral threshold in the Belgian Turks (10 percent).


Also in the parliamentary elections was the choice of our compatriots to be more pronounced than in Turkey itself: 75 percent supported the alliance of Edrogans AKP with the ultra-nationalist, right-wing MHP (in Turkey itself that was 53,7 percent).

  • In Germany supported 65 percent of the Turks Erdogan as president, and 65,3 percent the alliance of AKP, with MHP.
  • Of the Turkish vote in France was 63.9 percent to Erdogan for the withdrawal, and the exact same for Erdogans alliance.
  • 72.8 percent of the Turks in the Netherlands awarded Erdogan a new term, and just a little more (73.5 percent) supported the alliance of AKP, with MHP.

The support for Erdogan, foreign Turks should come as no surprise. In the past, the Turkish president repeatedly expats count victories to books. ‘Foreign voters were an important part of our success, ” he said in a victory speech after the referendum of last year that the elections of this weekend favored.

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