Bananenmeisje naked in the jungle

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Amsterdam – YouTube-star Leanne Ratcliffe has a busy life rejected and is now living retired in the South American jungle. But the cashier must also ringing, so she is naked.

Her Instagram account Freelee_official now has 55.000 followers.

Ratcliffe was ever ’famous’ with her bananendieet. ’The bananagirl ” fell twenty pounds by daily fifty banenen to eat. That got her a lot of criticism of dietisten. Her YouTube channel now has 770.000 followers who are bombarded with diet and levensadviezen and, of course, especially the message to her cookbooks to buy.

The new stuntje in the jungle like the 37-year-old Australian until now fine. “I feel liberated from the 9 to 5 slavenmentaliteit.” Leanne wears no make-up and shaving is no longer.

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