AZ wants to have five players

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ALKMAAR – AZ draws in the coming months for a minimum of five places for players to.

Marko Vejinovic is a candidate to permanently take over from Feyenoord.

In addition to the replacements of striker Wout Weghorst and right-winger Alireza Jahanbakhsh, who is most likely a step up, the Alkmaarders still looking for a centrumverdediger, right back and midfielder. For the latter position is Marko Vejinovic (28), for whom a multi-year contract is ready, the main candidate.

The midfielder of Feyenoord yesterday was a striking face on the field of AZ during the first training of the season. Vejinovic was last season already hired by the number three of the Premier league, but tore at the beginning of October his cruciate ligament. He is now on the way back.

AZ still sees value in him. “We already have a society with a lot of quality,” says director of football cases Max Huiberts. “But since we probably have a busy program, with hopefully as long as possible, European football, we have a midfielder with added value.”

Since all parties involved are positive about a transfer of Vejinovic, it seems the transition is a matter of time. The same applies for the departure of Fred Friday, Iliass Bel Hassani, Ben Rienstra, Rens van Eijden, Dabney dos Santos and Jop van der Linden. “You can assume that those guys elsewhere and their time to go searching,” said Huiberts, who, with captain Ron Vlaar verbally agreed to a contract until mid-2019.

For Weghorst and Jahanbakhsh is ’concrete interest’. Also, since Friday is probably a different employer receives, delivers, AZ two strikers in. Nevertheless, the Alkmaarders going to be there one substitute for to retrieve. “Myron Boadu is very fit, came home from his vacation. Furthermore, we know that Mats Seuntjens very well in the striker can play and Ondrej Mihalik is on the way back,” said Huiberts.

“We are busy with a replacement for Wout. That someone will be by who we think we are him, even better, as Weghorst and Vincent Janssen. You have basically no well-to-do name to expect.” For the rechtsbackpositie were Giovanni Troupée and Hidde ter Avest in the image, but FC Utrecht wanted to Troupée not let go and In the Avest made a droomtransfer to Udinese.

Newcomers Rody de Boer (goalkeeper), Vince Gino Dekker (attacker) and Leon Bergsma (centrumverdediger) were yesterday, or of the party. AZ took this summer of three players from Ajax; in addition to Bergsma and Dekker Mauro Savastano. The last two are in the first instance, for the promise is passed. Huiberts: “We think that, in particular, Leon is good enough to end up in the top of the Premier league to play. With us he gets all the space to show.”

Friday plays AZ his first practice, according to the tradition, on a visit to Dirkshorn. On 26 July, wait for the first official duel in the second qualifying round of the Europa League. The opponent comes from Andorra (Engordany), San Marino (Folgore) or Kazakhstan (FC Kairat Almaty). To the group stage, AZ in a total of three rounds to survive. Huiberts: “That will be quite a read, but we have enough qualities to boxing.”

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