Ajax acknowledges liability in case of Nouri

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AMSTERDAM – Ajax has during a specially convened press conference in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, recognized to be responsible for the injury of Abdelhak Nouri, because the field is not adequately acted.

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General director Edwin van der Sar concludes that after the club very recently, new information has been given on this particular summer day in 2017, in which the talent of the Amsterdam club in Austria became unwell and permanent severe brain damage suffered.

“First, I want my deep apologize to the family of Nouri,” said Van der Sar, with tears in his eyes. ,,The family was happy that I was there. I got them for 20 to 25 minutes spoken. We are pleased that there is clarity. It was a good conversation.”

Read here the official statement from Ajax.

In the press room of the ArenA gave a visibly shaken Van der Sar a description of the events in the Zillertal. In addition, he indicated that Ajax the complete responsibility will take and a chic solution with the family of Nouri wants to come. Personal injury lawyer John Bear argued previously that – for better and act faster on the field – the damage could have been prevented.

Ajax has consciously chosen the new vision during a press conference to share and not a cold-hearted press release to send. Van der Sar stressed that the doctor, of course, to honor, and the conscience has acted.

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