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Ajax acknowledges errors in treatment Nouri

982cb5a252691f7c0d9c26f8ac68a70a - Ajax acknowledges errors in treatment Nouri

The Dutch football club Ajax recognizes that Abdelhak Nouri last year, no adequate medical assistance has been given when he was stricken by heart failure during the practice game against Werder Bremen. The club assumes all liability, as told an emotional director Edwin van der Sar at a press conference. He will be in consultation with the family of the midfielder, which is severe and permanent brain damage has occurred.

Ajax thought for nearly a year, that Nouri was treated, after he was in Austria in each other had fallen. The club is going to doubt their own advisors after the application, that the family of Nouri recently with the KNVB, submitted. Lawyers wanted through an arbitration case with the national football association recognition of liability and damages at Ajax force.

Ajax does not say on the basis of what information is going to doubt. The Amsterdam club sooner, Douwe Atsma and professor Martin Schalij, professors in the field of cardiology, to place the matter on the basis of that new information to review. They concluded on the basis of television footage that Nouri is not rapid, adequate assistance has had.

The cardiologists found that the treatment was insufficient focus on the measurement of the heart rate, circulation and any cpr. The onsite defibrillator had previously are to be used to enable a better picture of the situation. The therapists had after the release of the respiratory tract is also a moment of reflection should stop, because the situation of Nouri not improved.

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