After a long silence gives Turkish opposition losses

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The opposition in Turkey, that Erdogan and his alliance in the election to have won in the first round. Allegations about massive fraud of the job.

This morning it seemed as if all of the democratic opposition candidates were hiding. Iron lady Meral Aksener (rechtsnationalistische IYI), and particularly Muharrem Ince (left-republican CHP) spoke after a confusing election night. And that while they are for the elections promised to be persistent, if there is any doubt in the results.

Just a doubt

That doubt was yesterday, because state agency Anadolu and the final results of the elections much earlier neighbour than thought. While the overheidsgezinde state media, Erdogan is already the winner called, protested the network of verkiezingsobservatoren of the opposition (Adil Secim) that is not fifty percent of the votes counted. Erdogan himself spoke still about ‘unofficial’ results, while his supporters all feestvierden.

On the afternoon gave Ince then, however, that president Erdogan in the elections had won. The results of Adil Secim not significantly different from the official counts.

However, there were messages about kiesfraude in certain regions (province of Urfa), also confirmed by the international organization OSCE. The Turkish High electoral council (YSK) will these reports also examine. But the chance of that sporadic cases of voter fraud were key to the national result is very small.

‘I accept’

Erdogan took the presidential election with 52 percent of the votes, Ince 30,15. “The elections were not under fair conditions, but Erdogan has won a mess of it. “I accepted that result.’

Ince warned that the country a period of eenmansheerschappij takes effect. The silence of Ince led us on social media to the craziest of conspiracy theories. Some have suggested even that Ince held hostage or had negotiated for his safety. There is therefore nothing of, all such rumors, however, the feverish mood in Turkey.

Erdogan should continue with a country where the fifteen million people who for Ince agreed to (and the many others who have a different oppositiekandidaat elected) him absolutely no more confidence or lust.

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