Additional verjaardagshow for Paul Severs

a0328d26cc03087438f0a4910c6a902f - Additional verjaardagshow for Paul Severs

Paul Severs is coming soon, on the 26th of June 70 years and that should be celebrated! Recently, on 10 June, the singer-songwriter first show that, in a short time was sold out. Not only Paul made when, for the ambiance, but also the very young Nina Butera and Anneke van Hooff set the room ablaze.

For the show, from 30 september to 15 pm in CC ‘t Vondel te Halle is Nina Butera again. Paul Severs’ daughter-in-law, Liesje makes her appearance. Paul brings together with Nina and lisa was more beautiful duets that make you dream away in a two hour show with a break in a beautiful setting.
Let you transport by an atmospheric musical summary of more than 50 years Flemish hits and the image on the large screen of beautiful images, from Paul to his birth, his youth, his first steps in the music business, his marriage with the woman of his life, Paulette, and his great achievements so far.

Tickets for Paul Severs’ verjaardagshow on 30 september in his home town of Halle to obtain by sending an SMS to 0470 77 21 69, stating your name and the number of tickets. Online you can also order by clicking this direct link: Also via 0495 20 35 45 you can your town make a reservation at € 25 per ticket.

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