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A Thunderstorm shook the earth: The Lightning Hackday and the COMINT Network

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The Fulmo GmbH invited for the second Lightning Hackday. At this Barcamp & Hackathon, you could exchange the Bitcoins Lightning Network and the Offchain-scaling in action. At almost the same time the Team behind the COMINT Network of TenX has reached at the other end of the world is an important milestone.

BarCamp or UN conferences are Events organized by the visitors themselves. Although it is a topic, some guest speakers may also be loaded. A majority of the individual events will be decided only at the Event itself. Participants stand up and present an idea that you would like to talk. Everyone else can then decide which of these topics interest you. As you come together to demonstrations of the Beta versions, in challenging discussion groups, and maintains in General the exchange. Networking is an important keyword. It is not suitable for the Lightning Hackday, an event on the Lightning Network, such a decentralized Format was chosen?

The Fulmo GmbH is a young company, which has committed to 100 percent the ways of the Lightning Networks. The role as a Lightning-be Evangelist to meet and the networking you have created the Lightning Hackday on may 23. June in the second round went. In the first Event, I could not look over, which is why it is especially important to me was to be in this. The To-do-lists may become longer, Deadlines, pressures, and the sleep is scarce, but some events you have to visit nevertheless.

The Lightning Hackday – a Barcamp around the Lightning Network

And it was worth it! Beyond the class discussions, which shaped since the bull market in the last year, the crypto debate, it was to technology. The various Main Events, in which the XUD and Lightning Labs presented in Detail individual aspects of the Lightning Networks, showed how big the complex topic of Lightning Network. With Socrates, I had to οἶδα οὐκ εἰδώς call: I know that I don’t know (how to do it a little better translated, would read). I thought that I would know about passable with the Lightning Network, I had to learn that a new world opens up to Atomic multiple payments, Watchtowers, Autopilots or Splicing. This large complex of topics was discussed in the above lectures, and discussion groups. The possibilities and current limitations of the Lightning Networks you could get to know.

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Other developers presented their Implementation of a Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps between Bitcoin and Litecoin. Finally, different participants had carried out together with the honey badger in the Form of a theater piece, such as a transaction in the Lightning Network works.

However, a Hackday wouldn’t be a Hackday, if you make the new technology more tangible and the possibility of themselves to lend a Hand, would give. So you could experiment with several on a Raspberry Pi installed Lightning Nodes or just for the equivalent of 20 cents via Lightning M&Ms from a Candy Dispenser buy. The latter I have tried with Michael Mertens and Sebastian Stommel of Cryptotec – and it worked, despite some Wi-Fi issues quite well:

Dear readers: If this event is set to continue, can I invite everyone to stop by! In a column, I have stressed recently that we need to remember in a bear market the reason for our original enthusiasm. Events such as the Lightning Hackday can kindle that fire again. Those who came because of the expected rate of return in the crypto market, can identify such events in a completely new, interesting world.

Until the next Event I put to the readers of the Wiki to the Lightning Hackday to the heart. There you can inform yourself about the Placement of a Lightning Node, Lightning-App-ideas study or possible Hacking ideas to consider.

Lightning Network – Berlin, and Sydney to lead global Disruption

To demonstrate how the decentralization of the Lightning Networks, is at the other end of the world in this respect, something Revolutionary happened: CoBlox, a Research Lab of TenX, was able to run the first Bitcoin-Ethereum Atomic Swap using your COMINT Networks. Philipp Hoenisch, the Research Lead of CoBlox, has explained this Atomic Swap in Detail in a Medium Post.

This successful Atomic Swap between Ethereum and Bitcoin is an extremely important milestone, not able to drag just the two largest crypto-currencies, decentralized among each other for an exchange. A large part of the crypto-currencies are of the Codebase here Bitcoin is very similar. Analogously, the majority of tokens has a ERC20-base. Accordingly, it is possible to change thanks to the development of COMINT Networks, almost all of the important digital asset in a completely decentralized with each other.

The view on the possibilities of the Lightning Networks shows that this technology and other similar approaches, such as Raiden or COMINT simply represent a solution to the scaling problem. What is already in the frame of applications on the Basis of the Lightning Networks shows that this technology could experience a similar type of Hype, such as Smart Contracts and DApps two years ago. In spite of the bear market, I was excited already for a long time to be in the crypto world, involved as it is today. I thank Jeff Gallas of Fulmo GmbH for the organization of the Lightning Hackday, and on the other globe side the Team of CoBlox!

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