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A Perfect Circle. How crib I have a whey asleep?

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James Maynard Keenan remains an intriguing figure. Or he is now in the Tool behind a gas mask/microphone is clogged or when A Perfect Circle the lead demand from a conscious half a meter next to the spotlight. A whole set of a long time, he remained a Gmm from a small central and unexposed podiumpje toezingen. The concert was no less strange.

A Perfect Circle has address class and craftsmanship in the house, let there be no doubt about that. But it is as a listener, always look where guitarist Billy Howerdel and Keenan want to go. The last album, ‘Eat the elephant’ sounds very poppy, the title track far on the head. The contrasts brightly with potiger songs like “3 libras become’ and ‘Rose’ from debut album ‘Mer de noms’ early in the set have been covered.

New songs like ‘The Contrarian’, however, are beautifully built and begging to be combined with a hallucinogenic drug of choice, but on a nightly Graspop-meadow, they work especially soporific. And then had ‘So long and thanks for all the fish’ is yet to come. Not a bad word about the absurd sci-fi epic ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ in which the song is based on. But what a hollow, droopy guitar is me!

No, rather the deliciously gloomy ‘The Doomed’, or even the AC/DC cover of ‘Dog eat Dog’ – at the time the B-side of ‘Whole lotta Rosie’. It remains an unlikely setting that you’re in this kind of spots should go up at a gig of a group that the lead singer of Tool get priority on new work Tool. Did I just say that? Absolutely. Done with play, Maynard. Go home and make a plate that allows you to Graspop really can packing. Then you need next time not half an hour earlier than planned to stop.

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