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ZCash developer threatens Hard Fork and receives payment

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For ZCash is tomorrow, 25. June, the network Upgrade will “Overwinter”. Overwinter is intended to include various improvements, including version management, and Replay protection for network Upgrades and performance enhancements, and in addition, the in October upcoming, important “Sapling” preparing for the Upgrade. Almost the Upgrade would not come, however, to be able, after the ZCash Wallet developer David Jane Mercer Know a Hard Fork threatened.

A few days before the Update, already on 19. June has the sole developer of the Windows Zcash Wallets, David Jane Mercer knows the threat of a Hard Fork, if it is not paid in return for it. In a Forum published by Mercer, a Post that he set threatened the development of the Wallets and a ZCash competitors “renamed as a different coin”, not to fork, if it receives additional financial resources for its work.

According to the Post Mercer was exhausted because he worked for some time for free or payment in ZCash broke through the bear market of 75%. On the basis of which he decided to use the idea to fork the cryptocurrency, revealing all of his frustrations (freely translated):

Otherwise I will be financially forced, all of my Zcash-Wallet with EOL (End of Life) and to say “Use the sources and look at the Zcash forums and ZcashCo” and am going to focus 100% on the island of Komodo and the HUSH of the country.

25. June enabled Overwinter Upgrade to be activated. Overwinter is intended to include, inter alia, improvements in the version management, the Replay protection for network Upgrades, performance improvements for transparent transactions, and a new function for the sequence of transactions. Even more important, however, is that this Upgrade adds the Zcash Protocol functions, to prepare it for the Sapling-Upgrade, which is to be released in October. Sapling will reduce the necessary storage requirements for private transactions, and a fix for zk-snarks to implement.

Mercer would have set the development of the Windows Wallets, more would have been among tens of thousands of users of the popular Wallet after the Sapling-Upgrade is functional and the ZCash network remained without a functional Wallet.

Probably that’s why the payment came from. The ZCash Community has become used to the threat quickly financially for the developer. A total of addresses around 80 ZEC, about 15,000 of US were donated by several anonymous ZCash-USD.

The incident shows the extent that the importance of numerous, independent developers are working on a decentralized Protocol, such as the ZCash. If only a developer cares about a certain part of the network alone, then this forms a “Single Point of Failure”, which has now been exploited by Mercer in a previously unprecedented way. It also shows the critical subject: payment of developers, in a highly volatile market, such as the crypto currency market.

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