Woman brings wrongly released man back to prison

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Colorado – A woman from the American state of Colorado has her husband brought back to prison. He was suddenly in front of the door after he mistakenly was released. Guards should the 38-year-old James Rynerson by mistake, as for the prisoner, however, his freedom could go to celebrate.

James Rynerson.

The man who is to be released had to be, was the 35-year-old Marvin March that due to renovation of the jail was temporary to be found in the cell at Rynerson. At the time that guards the man wanted to get, was March, however, already back to his original cell, but that was not the custom in the paperwork of the prison. So reports the Daily Mail.

None of the gevangenismedewerkers has the wrist of the prisoner is checked and Rynerson played on his turn stommetje. It suddenly occurred only when the guards at the time that March of the men of his jacket pulled up to ask when he is released would be.


The wife of Rynerson was in shock when her husband, who since the end of may was due to disorderly conduct, and disturbing the public order, all of a sudden was at the door. When he explained how he free had come, she took him straight back to jail.

Rynerson is fixed and it is now possible to also be prosecuted for committing identity fraud, theft, and escape.

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