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Who would want to murder for Manson?

ce994dbae34a229c4de4c868e8d76a96 - Who would want to murder for Manson?

‘Graspop. Graspop! Graspop. All you motherfuckers! Graspop.’ At his greeting of the audience went to Marilyn Manson to sputter, and he got the engine never really started.

‘It’s better than a sex scene,” had Manson us however promised in ‘Mobscene’. That bar was not met, but The Pale Emporor seemed well recovered from the severe injuries he at the end of last year amounted. When thundered during a concert a decorative element in the shape of a gun on him. Now it was Manson smarter: the large pieces of scenery remained at home.

The party: four young girls, the 49-year-old shockrocker from the audience showed pick because they all carry a sign with them that said that they for Manson wanted the murders – that fit well with the sexy groove of ‘Kill for me’, from his latest album ‘Heaven upside down’.

The class had, however, from the oldies to come. In ‘Disposable teens’ swung Manson himself about the stage without much concern for life and limb. ‘The dope show’ is still catchy, and ‘Beautiful people’ demonstrated again that, under manson’s eccentric appearance as a pop artist is hidden.

The meadow seemed to be, however, there is less to grind: after that last song died the applause out quickly, and when Manson came bissen, there was already a part of the audience left. ‘Manson’s problem is that the real world is, however, much worse than he ever was’, went a Pitchfork-summary through our heads. Finally he gave a quarter earlier than planned stop. Blame we him not.

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