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The Hague – the Netherlands verkwanselt the domestic industry is by a large defensieorder award to a British company. That says Ineke Dezentjé Hamming on behalf of FME, the association for the technological industry. “We are the cy of Europe.”

Dutch soldiers tackle their to-do stuff on the basis in Mali.

It comes to the delivery of 1400 containers and 3000 subsystems in military camps and training areas serve as mobile offices and workshops. To the order up to the value of about 200 million euros dongen VDL in Eindhoven and Fokker Technologies from Papendrecht, but the command goes to the British Marshall.

That company said the job cheaper than the Dutch companies. But that says nothing, says Dezentjé Hamming. “An led lamp is in purchase also more expensive than an incandescent, but will last a lot longer. It is the Dutch industry is just not awarded. This is how not to do it.”


She points to the intention of the government agreement on procurement in the defence of Dutch companies to attract. That is: if the national security is at stake, should a country be an exception clauses in the European aanbestedingsrichtlijn. “But the opposite happens. While Dutch companies in the field of knowledge and innovation to be the best. Defence, as the first customer of our industry, the platforms and so as a first on the best stuff. Especially for a small country that is of crucial importance. But if the government is no longer in our companies believe, then who?”

“A country like France has a strong defence industry, which standing is held by procurement. The French let the underwear for their soldiers, not even by Ten Cate.”

’Quality before speed’

Minister Bijleveld (Defence) said earlier that this command already by the previous government is put in motion, and that the cabinet this time, however, a decent job of protecting their own industry. In addition, the price is important and it is often faster to material ’of the shelf’ buy abroad by Dutch companies to develop. But ’quality before speed’, Dezentjé Hamming. “Our guys and girls deserve just the best stuff. That is good for their and our safety and our economy.”

Hans de Boer of employers ‘ organization VNO-NCW agrees. The industry asks no favor. “Because our products are top. And if that is so, then the Dutch defence is not braver than other EU countries. It is a matter of industrial policy.”


“Outrageous”, responds PVV-Member of parliament, Emiel van Dijk on the matter. “The minister of the Dutch defence-industry hard fall. For the PVV, it is clear: private industry first.”

VVD-Mp André Bosman will also be ’bales’ that a large defensieorder to a foreign party is gone. “But I’m going for an ever better becoming entrepreneurial climate in the Netherlands.”

Also Bosman notes the intention in the coalition agreement to the escape route from the European aanbestedingsrichtlijn ’generous to interpret’.

“The tender by the previous government in the market”, says CDA Mp Hanke Bruins Slot. “There is now unfortunately little to change that.”

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