Violent week for Lynn Van Royen

665b197b6ad88b417ae5558bf1448c82 - Violent week for Lynn Van Royen

It was an intense week for Lynn Van Royen. Awarded as the best actress in the foreign country, and a leading role scored in The Luizenmoeder. She stands still to watch her success. “When I was at my training at the RITCS started, even when I ‘Beau Séjour’ started, I had no idea that I was ever one to win for a role. Then you just can’t think of. I don’t want to think about things that are so dreamy that she did not seem feasible. If the downside happens, the plezanter,” she says in The Latest News. Recently, she took three months leave, to go all the way with her family. They did that after the recording of the second season of The Team.

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