Turks keep mass surveillance on the ballot

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Today is going to Turkey a long night while the votes are counted. But the citizens do more than a scoop of colouring: they united themselves also to kiesfraude. “Am I the only one who every stembusbewaker as a soldier in the battle for Gallipoli?’

Today should be about 55 million people vote in a country that is about 24 times as large as Belgium. There was, from the outset, the fear that the AKP party of president Erdogan to kiesfraude would dare. That fear was created in april 2017: in a referendum that according to the EU ‘free nor fair,’ it was provided (small-scale) kiesfraude then probably for the very narrow victory of the AKP. But this year is the Turkish opposition’s determination to not run so far.

App to state-owned media to counter

That is why every ballot box guarded until the last vote is counted. That would be up to 1 or 2 hours during the night can last. So would the opposition prevent that Erdogan through the state media the victory to early claims. There are also everywhere local verkiezingscomités where the different political parties an eye on the sail keep, possibly supplemented by volunteers. Each of the 180 000 local ballot boxes is numbered. On the internet spreads news now at lightning speed. ‘In box 2082 in a primary school in Izmir there are less envelopes found than there are voters registered, sign-for example, a web site for The Region.

According to analyst Demir Murat Seyrek, there are currently 415 000 committee members of the opposition in the weather, in addition to 250 000 voluntary observers. (In addition, the AKP and its coalitiegenoot MHP also observers). There is a national app that allows the controllers to each other on the height, and where all opposition parties to cooperate.

“My verkiezingsrugzak is ready’

Groups such as Oy ve عن and other individual auditors speak encouraged each other via social media. “My verkiezingsrugzak is ready”, reported one Twitterer. ‘Photo id, paper, pen, photocopy, mobile battery, mobile wi-fi, pills for migraines, food and water.” And Mehmet Ali Celebi, a candidate for the secular-republican CHP, makes the comparison with Turkey is very important and often commemorated battle of Cannakale (in the West known as the battle of Gallipoli, 1915). When defeated the Turks (including the later ‘father of the Fatherland’ Mustafa Kemal Atatürk) an invasion force of the British and the French. “Am I the only one who every stembusbewaker as a soldier in the heroic battle of Cannakale?’, tweette Celebi. Their holy mission is decisive for the future of this country. May God assist them!’

An impressive commitment to democracy, called Seyrek that phenomenon. “If people in the EU assume that Erdogan anyway will win testifies, but that of lack of respect for the thousands of people who day and night working for fair elections,” he said in an interview with The Standard.

However, all that passion and dedication for ascending nerves. Here and there, there are fights and quarrels, when observers are in confrontation with the local presidents or regeringsgetrouwe police. It is still a very long night.

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