Turkish opposition reporting irregularities in elections

e329d8db79462ee242f323d73f726e88 - Turkish opposition reporting irregularities in elections

As a result of the parliamentary and presidential elections in Turkey Sunday, the first reports of observers about irregularities in the voting process chosen. That says at least the spokesman of the largest opposition party, CHP, Bülent Tezcan.

There were primarily a lot of complaints have been received about the Turkish province of Sanliurfa. According to Tezcan to be observers prevented from their job to exercise and walk at some places armed people at the polling stations that the voters and try to intimidate.

In another case turned out to be a urn is already full of ballots, all for the by the ruling party AKP-dominated military alliance, even before the polling station opened its doors. The pro-Kurdish party HDP has on social media about similar incidents in the region.


Opposition and ngos have for fear of fraud especially in the southeast of the country, where the Kurds are a majority, hundreds of thousands of observers deployed to the ballot, to check. The Turkish electoral commission has already let you know the symptoms to examine.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated again that there is nowhere in the country, serious problems were identified as a result of the elections.

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