Turkish opposition asks voters to protest

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ANKARA – The main opposition party CHP, the Turks called for the building of the national electoral council in Ankara to come to demonstrate, and that to sustain the break of dawn. Spokesperson Bülent Tezcan claimed on Sunday that news agency, Anadolu, that the only official source for preliminary results, constantly a misrepresentation.

Muharrem Ince, the presidential candidate of CHP.

“We call on all citizens in the 81 provinces to the electoral commission in their district. Keep watch there, and also in Ankara, until Monday morning early,” said Tezcan.

With over eighty percent of the votes counted, president Erdogan, according to Anadolu at 53 percent, while private information from the CHP indicates less than 48 percent. Their candidate Muharrem Ince is around 30 percent. The pro-Kurdish party HDP, who is not lijstverbinding, would the new electoral threshold of 10 percent may get.

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