Turkey to vote in and about state of emergency

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ANKARA – About 56 million Turks be able to Sunday between 07.00 and 16.00 hours (Dutch time) a president and a parliament. The popular leader Erdogan, who is already 15 years the sheets out, wants to be a mandate for any length of days to stay in power. He has a new presidential system was introduced to the parliament to the background cast. That is, in fact, already by the state of emergency that has been in force since the bloody couppoging in 2016.

Supporters of Muharrem Ince come together to cheer for their favorite candidate.

The opposition, under the leadership of the charismatic Muharrem Ince hopes that the repression, the economic downturn and the problems with millions of refugees the star of Erdogan will do the deaf. The press is gemuilkorfd and tens of thousands are accused of involvement in the coup or terrorism, including the leftist pro-Kurdish presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtas. The opposition against Erdogan seems to be, judging from her absence in the traditional media, no chance.

However, the elections are exciting, because slowly it becomes clear that Erdogans image as a reformer and hero of the people suffers from the problems that the country faces a and a ’Erdogan-fatigue’ seems to arise.

The big question is whether Erdogan at one time elected president. If he does not succeed, there will be 8 July a second round. Then he must be the most likely to compete against Muharrem Ince of the CHP (Republican people’s Party). A possible second round would be a painful defeat for Erdogan. It would be even more painful as his party for Justice and Development (AK) also in the majority in the parliament to lose. The results come in the evening and night.

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