Trump wants illegal immigrants to return without process

8c8399236b7da2f80034e9d83b7fe4a5 - Trump wants illegal immigrants to return without process

Donald Trump wants migrants without staying-papers. the right to a trial deny and them immediately return to the country from which they come. That has the American president Sunday in a tweet.

“We cannot allow that all those people, our country to invade,” he wrote. ‘If someone comes, we should immediately, without the intervention of a court or a process of returning to whence he came.’

Trump made the last days for a great deal of uproar and controversy with its strict migration policy. In a few weeks time separated the united states authorities more than two thousand children of illegal migrants from Latin and Central America consistently of their parents.

The US president turned to the controversial measure on Wednesday: the children and their parents are now together locked up. That scheme is, however, limited in time and must be legally substantiated.

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