Trump: illegal immigrants are immediately deported

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WASHINGTON – Donald Trump has his dislike of persons who illegally cross the border in search of a better life extra hard shown. The American president points to legal hassles and compiled via Twitter for the on migrants immediately deported without the intervention of a judge.

President Donald Trump.

“We can’t allow all these people to our country to pour in. If someone comes in we’ll bring him immediately, without judges or legal procedures, back to where he came from. Our system is a caricature of a good immigration policy and of peace and order. Most of the children arrive without their parents,” said his tweet Sunday.

Trump added that the U.s. immigration policy anywhere in the world a laughing stock. It is also unfair to people who are in the legal path, and for many years the line will be held. “Immigration should be based on merit. We need people who want to help make America great again.”

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