The KNVB wants to delay videoscheids prevent

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ZEIST, The KNVB is going to Tuesday to sit down with the BSBV, the association of arbitrators.

Danny Makkelie, the videoscheids during the current world cup.

The national football wants yet an agreement about the conditions of videoarbiters. The KNVB hopes to prevent the introduction of videoscheidsrechters delay. There is still a shortage of videoscheidsrechters, because negotiations over conditions of employment are jammed.

The KNVB wants the coming season videoscheidsrechters add to matches in the Premier league, the play-offs and some duels in the KNVB-cup. The intention is still that there is a videoscheidsrechter active in the Johan Cruijff Scale, the annual opening of the season between champion PSV and cup winner Feyenoord.

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