The BAND looks forward to Zoutelande in CAS

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The number of Zoutelande of the BAND was just an old diesel. Reluctantly the song about the Zeeland resort to receive and then slowly grow up to be a huge hit. Finally, the number with the Belgian Geike Arnaert in 2018 ten weeks at number 1 and became the biggest hit in the history of the Zeeuwse band.

For the next edition of Concert at Sea at the private Brouwersdam in Zeeland, there had to be something special to be done with the song Yet, it quickly became obvious to the BAND. A free concert for all the 1500 inhabitants of the seaside town seemed like a wild and hardly feasible idea. Yet we still managed. Thursday shall enter the BAND together with the Zeeuws Orkest during the thuisfeest. Almost all of the free maps are forgiven.

Frontman Paskal Jakobsen looks always forward to the moment that the BAND number bet. “We put the be aware in the back of the lineup to the excitement. There is really a wave of pleasure through the audience as they are the first show to hear. Zoutelande is an introverted song. It is an implosion as everyone sings along.”

Beech with Sting

Each year invites the BAND’s musical heroes from abroad for Concert at Sea. This year, they knew Sting and Alanis Morissette to tie.

The English, “distinguished gentleman” as Jakobsen calls it, fits with the cheerful Concert at Sea? “Sting has two faces. He has that subdued, under-cooled, but also that beech with The Police. That fits very well with CAS. We have taken a good look at other similar gigs. I think Sting with a lute and a bard”, jokes Jakobsen.

Chunk of nostalgia

The Canadian singer Alanis Morissette, known for Ironic, has been on the list of the BAND. “Her performance is a glob of nostalgia. Everyone knows the songs from her album Jagged Little Pill. Every year we ask visitors to Concert at Sea who they want to see. Morissette is always there.”

For the Zeeland band, Concert at Sea is the annual moment of reflection takes Jakobsen. “Much more than new year’s eve we look back on our year, on the festival season.” For the visitors is the Concert at Sea is mainly a look instantgeluk that is pulled up. “Everyone feels here at the Brouwersdam happy. If you are on stage, you see all these radiant faces. Together with the atmosphere here on the beach and sea experience. That is so very exceptional. Especially when the sun is shining, but if it rains, that also very quickly accepted by the public.”

Concert at SEA at de Brouwersdam in Zeeland is one of the biggest festivals of the Netherlands, with 40,000 visitors on Friday and Saturday. It is also a showcase of the band BLØF, which is the festival in 2018 for the thirteenth time organizing.

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