Summit in Brussels on migration without ’asielweigerende’ countries

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BRUSSELS – The leaders of sixteen countries in the EU, among whom prime minister Mark Rutte, come Sunday informal gathering in Brussels in an attempt to find solutions to the migration issues in Europe. There are no decisions and there is no final press conference.

From left to right: Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Claude Juncker and Angela Merkel.

The traveling of asylum seekers in Europe, which the German chancellor Angela Merkel in their own country under heavy pressure, is an important point. Her Interior minister Horst Seehofer is threatening border controls of member states where they have arrived and registered with them not to take back. A conceptstuk stating that these countries do will be forced and there will be more stringent should be checked in trains and buses is a table obtained after Italian objections.

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The government of Italy, where many migrants arrive, demands understand that asylum seekers will finally be evenly distributed to the member states. It is Rome a thorn in the eye that the country of arrival is responsible for asylum applications. Saturday brought the Italian deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio to the French president, Emmanuel Macron, who, according to him, the migration issues dismiss. Macron will find that there is not such a big crisis as it is in 2015.

The leaders of the ’asielweigerende’ countries, Hungary, Poland, the Czech republic and Slovakia are not because there are only about solutions would be spoken, which they have previously rejected.

All leaders are next week present a real EU summit, where migration also plays a leading role. There is a lot at stake. If member state border controls to implement, it is done with the free movement of persons in Europe.

The summit meeting Sunday in the building of the European Commission starts at 15.00 and lasts is expected to be an hour or four.

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