Son Shania Twain never gets anniversary gifts

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Shania Twain has her 16-year-old son, It’s never a birthday present. The 52-year-old country singer wants her child not spoil, she explains to the Mirror.

Shania grew up in a family where they don’t have a penny and the singer wants her son also like to humbly give in the education. “You really need to do your best to make your children not to spoil,” says Shania. “I must pay attention in order not to give everything what he wants. Therefore, I have as a gift for his birthday, never done anything other than bake a cake.”

Twain explains that her son never had had the feeling something deficit. Stronger still: he looked forward to his birthday cake. “He has never otherwise known.” And also with Christmas not with money thrown. “Then he never gets more than three gifts. That is not rijkeluisviering.” In addition, the rule in the house of Twain: “All you longer than a month are not used, goes to charity.”

However, says the singer that they are not pretend they are poor. “If he has a shirt, then he gets a shirt. I’m not going to pretend we are poor, if that is not the case.”

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