Sister David Beckham divorce from Big Brother contestant

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Just now, the rumours surrounding a break-up between David and Victoria Beckham a little bit about his blown away, his sister Joanne’s turn. Friends confirm that she and her husband, Big Brother contestant Kris Donnelly, from each other.

Joanne and Kris would barely even speak to each other and now live together, according to The Sun. The two got a half years ago, their first child, daughter Poppy. “A newborn baby, dealing with the constant fatigue and worry have led to tensions in their relationship. They were still more on the fighting and have decided in the best interest of the child.”

Now follow Joanne and Kris to each other via social media and of them focus on the best single parents can be that they can think of.”

The fracture is bad news for David, who is very good with his brother-in-law along better. “He had a good relationship with Kris developed and has really done his best to give him a warm welcome in the family. He is sad that they split up, because he found that they fit together very well.”

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