Show Sanne Wallis de Vries gets second season

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The Sanne Wallis de Show of Sanne Wallis de Vries on Saturday night at the NPO, the green light received from the transmitter for a second season.

“I hope in six new episodes,” says Sanne Saturday at NPO Radio 2. She continues: “I think That’s fine, because the first four broadcasts were a kind of pilot. It can’t be otherwise, because if you don’t try, then you learn nothing.”

Although I like BNNVARA satisfied with her presentatiedebuut, will see it, however, areas of improvement, so would like the quiz part to expand. “Next season I want to be a little more stripped-down version, in which the people are more to be discussed, that more is created. The guests I had were so much fun, that is a waste of people their leukheid.”

The first episode was viewed by 816.000 people. Also, there is controversy around the program, after the second episode, a satirical song was sung to the melody of singer Netta her winning songfestivalnummer Toy.

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