Shania Twain wants son despite the wealth of modesty, teach

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Shania Twain has her sixteen-year-old son, It’s never a birthday present. The 52-year-old country singer is doing that because she was her child modesty wants to teach.

Twain grew up in a family where they have little financial resources. The singer does as a mother to her son not to spoil. “I must pay attention in order not to give everything what he wants. Therefore, I have as a gift for his birthday, never done anything other than bake a cake”, says the singer in conversation with The Mirror.

The That Don t Impress Me Muchsinger thinks that her son never had had the feeling something to be a shortage come. “He has never otherwise known.” The Canadian pampers her son with Christmas.”Then he never gets more than three gifts. That is not rijkeluisviering.”


However, to deny the Canadian her son certainly not all. “If he has a shirt, then he gets a shirt. I’m not going to pretend we are poor, if that is not the case.” Twain suggested in addition to a rule in the house. “Everything you longer than a month are not used, goes to charity.”

The singer, born as Eileen Edwards, is listed as one of the largest countrysterren in the world and has scored hits with the songs You’re Still The One and Man! I Feel Like A Woman. At the end of september she released her fifth album, Now.

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