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Sebastian Vettel apologizes after crash in GP of France

10578be13f7d9db90b64ed55c30a3f30 - Sebastian Vettel apologizes after crash in GP of France

The German Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) was on Sunday during the Formula 1 Grand-prix of France, the eighth round of the season, responsible for the reinforcement of the Fin Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) at the very beginning of the Grand Prix. The race was five laps neutralized. Vettel drove to a fifth place, Bottas was seventh.

“My start was very good, but I have him not be able to redeem”, put Vettel after the end of the shore. The German lost his fifth place to the lead in the world CHAMPIONSHIP standings to GP winner Lewis Hamilton.

“I tried Hamilton at the start pass to cross, but had very little grip and lost control over the steering wheel. Unfortunately, I hit Valtteri then. I think it’s a shame for him, because he has nothing to do with the overtaking manoeuvre. Fortunately, we have our afterwards, both can recover and not too many places to be lost, but it was not a great day. It was after the accident slalommen throughout all of the drivers. I could have ended up without points, but that is fortunately not happened. I now want to no longer look back. I look forward to the GP of Austria next weekend.”

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