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Pro-Pain. Early on the day to roar and beech

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“I can hear a voice inside, it’s counting me to try to hold on. I tried to give it up but then you put me back to where I belong.” The godfathers of New York hardcore went with ‘Stand tall’ fourth-Graspop-day. To good practice in baggy shorts, freshly shaved bald pate and a wall of guitars.

It is a resurrection. Last year was vocalist and bassist Gary Meskil in a violent robbery in hellhole Brussels so heavily damaged that there was an attempted murder. We would Meskil at night not like against the giant run, and the madmen who dare with him on the fist to go much less. But well, he survived and of permanent damage was afternoon, nothing to note. Time to decide what drones to share. Still “Stand tall” permanent: “Bust heads and kick some asses, ’cause it’s the better to give than to receive!”

With the glorious hits as ‘Deathwish’ roared and mound the foursome on the Main stage, to his first circle pit of the day. In honor of the late Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul was once again with ‘Shine’. Headbangend in the jumping around as an alternative to a rouwmis, it has something.

But still lacked something. A band with such a mountain of songs has the classics up for grabs. It is always acid, if that’s not really happening. Further than ‘Make war not love’, didn’t. Sure, their other songs are there, no doubt. But something the whole meadow would bounce back, genre ‘Death on the Dance Floor’ or ‘Foul taste of Freedom’ was not in.
Even those who had expected Ice-T on stage jumping for their joint ‘Put the lights out’ was it for the effort. Body Count plays later in the day, it’s possible to dive the New Yorkers still with him. We’ll keep you posted.

The concert was decent, not memorable. Perhaps it is better to take their place in a marquee with a slightly longer set.

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