Presenter, Nance Coolen married with Pico Sytzama

ad9b5ff9dcc19d2c8f415c509a3d314a - Presenter, Nance Coolen married with Pico Sytzama

Nance Coolen and Pico Sytzama are in the marriage came into being. The presenter and her husband for about fifteen years.

Details about the ceremony, share the presenter. On her Instagram yesterday, she posted only a photo of the bride and groom with the accompanying text, “Mr. & Mrs.”

In 2015, let the 44-year-old Coolen already fall once that she wanted to marry. “Now I know most of our friends have already seen marry, tickles me. Last I said to him: ‘If you see me still going to ask you to hurry, because the pictures are better'”, she said at the time in a Woman.

Coolen and Sytzama together have a son, Robin. For the presenter it is not her first marriage. From 1995 to 2000, she was married to photographer William Rutten.

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