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Powerflo. Three quarters of an hour old skool noise

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What do you get when you pieces of Biohazard, Cypress Hill, Fear Factory, and the great Downset together klutst? A band that dares stand up to the strains of ‘Straight outta Compton: Powerflo. A little bit of the beta version of Prophets of Rage.

‘I will not be denied,” says Sen Dog us from the mainstage. That we have absolutely no intention of, we call back. ‘I’m from the band that taught you marijuana is not a drug’, he adds. Our eyes are glassy while we think back to Pukkelpop editions of more than twenty years ago, where we got almost all the parts of this band apart to the work saw.

But now there is so Powerflo and that relies primarily on a Biohazard-esque up-and-down-spring-pounding now and then racing punk. In the loan of ‘How it is’, of course, but also in the private Powerflo-songs. The voice of Sen Dog lends itself so perfectly for this kind of crossover is that it is almost a pity that throughout the nineties to high was to be more such trips.

‘Yesterday Powerflo turned one year old,” he explains. A lot of catalog in order to refer back to it if you have not yet. “We’re motherfucking Powerflo’, in hot pursuit he, therefore, a few times, we were forgotten. The graces that ‘motherfucking Powerflo’ not the easy way take and and the own old songs omit. Because even without, they were successful in a large part of the whey to convince.

But only through your composition you will have no supergroup. Was entertaining for sure, which is three quarters of an hour old skool noise. Wait and see now how they sound by their second birthday.

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