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One address for all your demolition works: Volbeat

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Volbeat at Graspop

Ten years ago it was Volbeat at Graspop the small Metal Dome-tent open. Now, philippines the Danes at the top of the poster of a sold-out Saturday.

How the heavy metal group around Michael Poulsen that klaarspeelde, put them be concise in their openingssalvo. The rolling classic rock of ‘The devil’s bleeding crown’, the melodic pop of ‘Heaven nor hell’, the heavy marspas of “A warrior’s call” and the funny cover of Dusty Springfields “I only want to be with you’: the Danes serve up something for everyone.

The red thread: Poulsen injects its rockabilly-metal with a good dose of pop in the shape of crystal-clear vocals – almost as sharp as his steel blue eyes. Sometimes it works that hybrid perfectly, like in ’16 dollars’. But it can also be disappointing, proved to be the new ‘The Everlasting’: that had more to do with Coldplay meets Slayer.

With the excellent sing-along to ‘Lola Montez’ was it the audience that through the basket fell. But at the Johnny Cash tribute ‘A sad man’s tongue’ was to be the wei up: then there was barely the escape from the moshpits. Volbeat remains at its best when it is a rams: the Valves ‘Seal the deal’ and a devastating ‘Doc Holliday’ made it clear that for all of your demolition works in the year 2018, only one address is.

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