No support VS more for Syrian rebels

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AMMAN – Syrian rebels in the southwest of Syria do not have to rely on military aid from the US in their fight against the Syrian army, with the support of Russia site is trying to win back. This appears from a message that the U.s. army has sent to leaders of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Members of the Free Syrian Army.

The hope among the rebels that Washington is again support would give was earlier sparked by other posts. The U.S. warned Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and his Russian allies, especially not to engage in activities in the so-called the-escalatiezone that America and Russia have agreed on. Violation would be “serious consequences”.

But the last message sounds very different. The rebels is given to understand that they themselves are but need to decide on how the Syrian offensive resist. The US have the FSA earlier with weapons and millions of dollars in support of. According to military observers, the u.s. has the aid suspended after president Donald Trump, the program deleted.

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