Nance Coolen gives ” yes ” to friend Pico

d1b64dae8d56370c2fb8662882bc208a - Nance Coolen gives " yes " to friend Pico

Nance Coolen is married with her great love of Pico. That has the presenter revealed on Instagram.

“Mr & Mrs” writes Nance at a photo of the wedding day. A lot more details about, for example, where the marriage took place, she says.

Nance and Pico for about 15 years together. In 2015, she let his Wife know that she kinda wanted to marry. “Now I know most of our friends have already seen marry, tickles me. Last I said to him: ’If you see me still going to ask you to hurry, because the pictures are there not prettier.’”

The couple has a son together, Robin. For Nance it is not her first marriage, from 1995 to 2000, she was married to Dutch pop photographer William Rutten.

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