‘Moods’, part 2 from the Poltrock trilogy is out now

d3d1bc231d84eb5eaeb5e351613ceab9 - 'Moods', part 2 from the Poltrock trilogy is out now

88 days ago, at the International Piano Day, appeared ‘Mutes’, the superlatives welcome debut of POLTROCK with ” mute #2’, which is already 130.000 times was listened to on Spotify.

Today, the 22nd of June appears in ‘Moods’. The second part of the ‘Mutes, Moods & Machines ” -trilogy where the 88 days, a new plate is released. The quirky and intimate sound of the first album in this second part the company of dark electronica and cinematic soundscapes.

In addition to the familiar muted Steinway upright piano from ‘Mutes’ makes Poltrock for the first use of the ‘Prepared Piano’. On, under or between the strings to objects, such as paper, felt, bolts and wooden pins made. Even cutlery and doopsuiker belong to the arsenal.

Track number 2 ‘the Horns, She Said’ is the ‘focus track’ from the ‘Moods’ album.

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