Migratietop: countries if necessary work in groups

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BRUSSELS – The talks in Brussels to be European to find solutions for the political migration – and asielproblemen has not led to a breakthrough, but there sounded after positive sounds. The sixteen present EU leaders were agreed that member states or groups are going to try aankomstlanden as Italy and reduce the traveling of asylum seekers in Europe.

Angela Merkel smiles at the Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, while his Bulgarian ambtsgenoot Boyko Borissov the scene with a critical eye watching.

There was a lot of good will to move forward, said the German chancellor, Angela Merkel. “We all agree that we the illegal migration to reduce, our borders want to protect and we are all really responsible for all the topics.”

According to Merkel, there was agreement to more deals with African countries to connect in order to ensure that fewer people are crossing to Europe. Also the government of Spain, Malta and Belgium were hopeful. Partly due to the absence of ’asielweigerende’ countries like Poland and Hungary were the expectations not high.

Macron: Italy worked

The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte is a good feeling to go home after the migratieoverleg with European partners in Brussels. In a Tweet, he said ,,definitely satisfied”. ,,We have the debate that’s going on in the right direction”. Italy wants inter alia, that the countries which have their quota of economic refugees not accept financial be punished by the EU.

The French president Emmanuel Macron announced that at the meeting, the distance is taken from solutions that are not in line with the EU values and international law. A pragmatic European approach can work. The preparation of Conte at the table was, according to him,coherent” with other opinions about migration.

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