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Limp Bizkit. Ideal tyre for the afternoon, going to keep

5e9f85303f4773037ea7e3b54233602c - Limp Bizkit. Ideal tyre for the afternoon, going to keep

How do you get your hands smooth on one another at Graspop? Like Fred Durst call that ‘all the beer is free while we’re on stage’. Fake news, but it does work. Not that a jukebox band like Limp Bizkit.

With ‘Rollin’, ‘My generation’ and ‘Fast lane’ within the first half hour they had everything and everyone all along. They came to be more daring. With ‘Purple Rain’ still, after a minute horrifying to shreds, played by Wes Borland. The chameleon-guitarist for the occasion in black and white. From the crown to the nose white, the rest black. On his white guitar. It didn’t matter, but anything is better than Fred Durst and his flodderbroek with pink roses.

Ideal band is supposed to be the afternoon going to keep rather than as a headliner to play like they did a few years ago. It also gives space to fool around with the audience. Borland so the mob is in. ‘Nookie’ you can indeed, but best to play if you on all sides groped. Beautiful images also.

Once he returned to the stage lifted and a new guitar to be had it was of the ‘Take a look around’. Nice moment in that number: a crowdsurfend girl with a foot in the plaster on the podium “to make her see what I see’. The child did not know where she had it. That the cover of her cell phone (which they filmed) the heading was ‘I am too sober for this shit’ made it all the way off.

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