Jef Neve makes startling revelation

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Jef Neve was a Sunday guest in the program of Kris Wauters and during that program did the musician a startling revelation: Jef Neve played the pianopartij of the oscar-winning film The Artist, half drunk. “Actually, do you have a kind of Oscar in the closet?”, asked Kris at the beginning of his broadcast to Jef. “A very little one then”, confirmed Jef modest. “They had asked me to the piano to play for the soundtrack of The Artist, that silent film from a few years ago that all the Oscars has poached. It was not initially intended that I pianopartij going to play, because they had been there for someone before, but that pianist was ill on the day of the shooting. What I actually no one have said is that I have a huge hangover from the night before. So I have the pianopartij of The Artist half was to respond,” said Jef.

And Neve did have a few penalty disclosures. Jef Neve: “By Eddy Wally, I have the New York marathon smeared”
“I’m already so long I’m an incredible fan of Eddy Wally” famous “Jef”. “I have last year’s New York marathon run, and I had to make myself a playlist created. That was composed in function of how tired I was after an hour, two hours, … And for the last hour I had only music of Eddy Wally in my playlist put. By then there was only one man who gave me the line it could draw and that was Eddy Wally. It is succeeded. Even smiling, without pain. All thanks to Eddy Wally.”

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