Italy wants to spread migrants on EU

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Brussels – Migrants by sea to Europe would happen on arrival should be transferred in “beschermingscentra” in different EU countries, Italy. Also when it comes to economic migrants they would need to be directly transferred to “beschermingscentra” in different EU countries, and not only in Italy or Spain.

On the migratieoverleg of sixteen EU leaders in Brussels, the Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte, a new tienpuntenplan. “Those who arrive in Italy, lands in Europe”, did Conte calls on the solidarity and responsibility of the other countries. Each member state would be a fixed proportion of migrants should accept that refusal of financial need.

He further states that the traveling of asylum seekers in Europe can be reduced through agreements between the most affected countries. France keeps a lot of people at the border, and Germany and Austria threaten to do. Conte warned that the free movement in the schengen area, and even the entire EU because of this on the game state.

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