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Identity 4.0: The Golden digital footprint – From data and groups

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We embark on the journey to personality: What is identity? How to get from analog to digital identity? After clarifying what is identity and how we bring them into a network, it is now the value of our digital identity. Today: Identity 4.0.: The Golden digital footprint – Of data and groups of companies.

Part 1: identity 1.0: history of the identity

Part 2: identity 2.0: The decentralization of identity

Identity 3.0: The I in the digital mirror

The day begins. Overslept into the motor memory is transferred genes is the handle to the Smartphone. Alarm clock and swipe. Countless notifications, lots of news, little content. But the the least bother of us. Or better: We ignore it skillfully. And wipe on. Quickly the News Feed to check the current Bitcoin price check, and then slowly think about it, get up. (Or, alternatively, completely rushed to the Bus/car/bike races).

Anyway begins: At the most, and the day ends with the consumption of media. Even if the battery is empty or has the data volume used up, the Display lights up with the “most important” news in the metro or sound to the Radio in the car. In short: Offline is. Whether this is good or bad, it’s not supposed to go here. (This would also blow up all of the frame). What, however, should go: the trail we leave behind.

Digital identity – A trail of data

With every movement you make, every Status Update, every new profile image, we extend the data track that we produce. Even more: most of The Apps on our smart phones want so many permissions, that they are probably the least rethinking of us to read and eventually accept. This track not only contains the important (Meta-)data about our preferences, tastes, look and love life. Even more: you documented our movements – and can you say precisely in advance. After all, we are creatures of habit who don’t like to be ripped out of your Routine.

There should be no surprise, actually, all of the services that we use, are “free.” Facebook, Instagram, Google and all the other Suspect request – supposedly – nothing for their services. The data that we produce during the use, however, are largely recycled, is often under the (digital) table.

The Data Vulture

Couldn’t have done it without the data traces presumably to the President: Donald Trump

How far can it go, showed, recently, the”scandal” Cambridge Analytica. With targeted “personality tests” created to operate, the data analyst personality profiles, which the company later used to vote-rigging (among other things) in the United States. By micro-targeting, you placed the information in a way that they supplied the people with negative information. The Result: Donald Trump. (More on this here, as we reported).

This was ultimately only possible because they had more or less unrestricted access to the data of the Facebook users. That they have been paid for it generously, is on the far outstretched Hand. What about the whole story: The data trail that we create day-to-day, is worth money.

The Golden footprint

The can, should, and – Yes, here comes the finger: Must you be aware of, while his profile to update his friends and tells where it is and how it feels. You can also always with his friends to share – the more attention, the better. The next time you get Up, the next time you Swipe you can think of then maybe again about what it all means, what you’re doing. Because our digital footprint is worth Gold.

And then you can look after Alternatives to look around – does it exist? You can take maybe even a Blockchain is a solution? What to do with our fragmented digital identity? All of the lights we see in the coming Parts. Until then: watch your data!

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