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Identity 3.0: The I in the digital mirror

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We embark on the journey to personality: What is identity? How to get from analog to digital identity? On the way there, we shed light on historical concepts of identity until we arrive at the topic of Digital identity and the Blockchain – and can be: Who and how we are? Today: Identity 3.0.: The I in the digital mirror.

Part 1: identity 1.0: history of the identity

Part 2: identity 2.0: The decentralization of identity

After the great historical leaps, we find ourselves suddenly in the near past and in the present. After we have clarified that identity not as something Identical, but much more as something that is Fragmented is considered to be, goes on the trail in search of this elusive construct. We, therefore, in the infinite Vastness of the Internet and Search for the scraps of identity.

Just in relation to part 2 explained the decentralized nature of the Internet offers a variety of opportunities for fragmentation. Not only between the different Online identities, but also between the Online and Offline identity. But one after the other.

The Mirror Stage

For a better understanding, here is a (admittedly, be explained in very simplified) assumption of psychology. The French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan developed in the middle of the 20th century. The following is a statement of approach to the emergence of human consciousness, he is in the mirror stage .

He assumed that small children who see for the first Time in the mirror, develop an awareness of their existence. Do you recognize yourself in the mirror and identify with it – the self-image arises. Meanwhile, a cleavage is produced according to Lacan: The (inner) I separates from the “Not-I”, so the image it has of itself. It “slides” the image that the child develops, to the outside and is in the range of the Imaginary. According to Lacan perceives the infant, this first identification with itself, with great pleasure, and it forms the basic framework of what later on (Self-)consciousness.

The Internet as a mirror

If one takes this assumption of the mirror stage, with all his Controversialism, and (necessary) simplification as a basis, it can be in the Depths of the World Wide Web, in all imaginable variations. Because: The Profiles that we create, not only serve as a mirror. This mirror is in addition to (almost) freely malleable and updateable – can be change according to your choice, no matter how much he hangs with the lived reality.

Duckface: it’s Quite important for self-image

We remind us of the social roles from part 2: Depending on the context, we behave differently. Whether within the family, with friends or at work – in any environment, we play a different Theater.

It’s the same, ultimately, in the network. The majority of people used to Facebook to inform its well-defined circle of friends without being asked about his opinion, holiday photos or the latest separation. For quick news to use Snapchat, WhatsApp or Telegram, for the visual to “claim” you on Instagram. You want to push his ICO effectively, to present oneself as respectable on LinkedIn, while one is looking for on Tinder after the love of his life.

Thus it is designed to be the respective profile of the respective context as adequately as possible, without (necessarily), whether or not everything is real. It is designed to be a digital self-image. According to your preference.

The I in the network

To Lacan: The Internet is used in all the given examples as a mediator for the digital mirror. With the respective Apps and/or social networks one builds an Image that corresponds more or less with the Person in front of the mirror.

It spins more with the present assumptions, this can be dangerous. It comes to a too high imbalance between imaginary self-image and the Person in front of the mirror, it can lead to psychological dispositions – but this leads at this point too far.

One thing is certain: the realm of The Digital serves all those who use it, one way or the other as a mirror. On social media, Apps and all the mobile devices we can design a variety of pictures of our Self, where we chase sometimes.

We give away daily cash in the Form of data, we will explain in the coming part 4.

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