Hundred trees Ed Sheeran cross

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A concert of Ed Sheeran in July, provides for the necessary uproar in the German Dusseldorf. While the organizer of the eighty thousand tickets have long sold, will be a council committee on Wednesday will decide whether the openluchtoptreden allowed to continue.

The concert, Sheeran is scheduled for July 22 on a parking place at the Messe Düsseldorf. To make place for the stage and the audience should, however, more than a hundred trees are cut down. And want the protection of nature, and a few parties in the city council cannot let this go. “Every tree in the city is necessary”, they say.

Mayor Thomas Geisel (SPD) has undertaken the bomenkap generous to compensate, but has a problem. His party has in the municipal council, not a majority.

The concert organizer fear now with great fear. There is no alternative and if the parking lot may not be used, the curtain falls for the act, and probably also for the promoter.

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