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Hollywood Vampires. Most expensive cover band ever

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What do you mean by that? With Joe Perry of Aerosmith on guitar, with Johnny Depp (the pirate ship The Black Pearl) on the other guitar, and Alice Cooper (himself) at the front? Go and have a look out of curiosity of course. And determine that Jack Sparrow isn’t it fantastic can sing, but that he is more than decent from the get draws with a guitar.

It is clear that Cooper this drowned spur of the legendary club tipplers draws. The rasperformer grabbed Dessel a few years ago solo, with a band of unknown people to his side is that so smoothly. The vampires have their own songs, but it is significant that they ‘Break on through’, ‘Ace of Spades’ and ‘Baba O’riley’ need to be the case.

That Depp and Perry ever working together would go don’t wonder if you see. In the area of scarves, tattoos, necklaces, and eye shadow, they have each other, nothing more to learn. In ‘People who died’ comes Depps voice, by the way, to his right.

‘One more?’, asks Cooper at the end of the set. The veelkelige ‘yeaaaaah’ set the horrorrocker on the way to a thrilling ‘School’s out’, complemented with ‘Another brick in the wall.’ The holiday has begun. Master Cooper will not tolerate contradiction. Passed for atmosphere, coziness and entertainment.

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